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Gloucester 2021

The picture is an 18 X 24 oil on canvas painting of a corner of Gloucester harbor in the morning light.  A sailboat has just left her mooring and picks up speed as she catches the morning breeze.
The painting was done from the deck of my little waterfront apartment (see pictures) from which a great variety of images can be obtained. The whole Rocky Neck area is full of artists studios  and art galleries, some of which are of historical value. It is a common site these days to see little clusters of artists out doing plein-air paintings.
A trip back in history will reveal that the whole Gloucester area in the first half of the 20th century was a robust venue for all kinds of outdoor painting for which there was a craze. Unfortunately WII killed it and it wasn’t until 5 or so years ago that the venue started to regain its place as a location where really good painting can be seen and experienced.