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Marsh Madness

3 1/2 hours. Sun went down.
Pure pleasure

Te marsh site these guys were scanning contained the remains of an 18th century stone bridge used by the colonists to cross the marsh. It has been long-decayed down to the foundations but its many years of use now make it a “happy hunting ground” for treasure hunters.
The remains of the bridge show up in my painting.


While I was painting, two guys had a metal detecting adventure at the same spot I was painting. Later, they sent me pictures of what they found in the marsh: A mid-1800’s button in the shape of an artist’s palette. It cleaned up rather nicely with the paint miraculously strong and vibrant.
The star of the show was a 1670 Spanish 1 Reale Cob. They are ‘extremely’ rare in these parts. It was minted in Potosi, Bolivia in a mint set up by the Conquistadors. The stories that hammered silver coin could tell. It waited 350 years below the surface to be found.
I added the two treasure hunters to a new version of the same painting – here it is: